The project

A significant number of young people in Europe and globally, are targeted by online hate speech. This is especially true for youths who belong to social minorities or are politically engaged online, actively expressing opinions, and standing up for vulnerable social groups.

Hate Trackers Into Action wants to initiate a dialogue among young people by making use of their social media platforms to spread messages to combat hatred and intolerance. Involving diverse groups of youth, including marginalized or underrepresented individuals like young migrants, in various civic settings aids in developing vital skills necessary for active civic engagement. At the same time, this engagement promotes their personal, professional, and social development, aligns with European Union values, strengthens social cohesion, encourages collaboration across generations, and ensures that democracy and citizenship embrace the wide range of perspectives and diversity within society.


The project aims to establish a cross-border network of young activists (aged 19-28) committed to tackling hate speech and enhancing social and civic involvement. It will achieve this by fostering collaboration among European youth organizations, developing innovative training methods to empower youth, and addressing key priorities such as youth engagement, quality of youth work, and social inclusion.

Specific objectives:


To improve the skills of young activists to be able to prevent and combat hate speech, to educate the youth about equality and acceptance, conduct sensitivity trainings.


To realise a form of activation based on the creation of small territorial groups coordinated with each other at a multimedia level recognisable externally through codes of conduct voted on and stabilised through smart contracts and groups of activists certified in their skills and affiliation through guilds consolidated through blockchain.


To organise and launch mini-campaigns of activism against hate speech with a national and transnational focus.


To increase the capacity building of the participating organizations with best practices for future activities in the field of hate speech and sensitivity.

The context of the project